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MVC is a competitive consulting group comprised of independent professionals specializing in geology, resource and reserves estimation, mining engineering, strategic design, and operational management. We offer innovative solutions at the forefront of the industry, while adhering to quality standards in an ethical and sustainable manner, maintaining our responsibility to clients, communities, and employees.

Our goal is to be high-quality consulting service providers to support our clients in achieving their objectives within the mining field, from the research, exploration, and permitting processes, through all operational procedures, to mine closure. Our mission is to be a trusted partner for our clients, providing them with personalized guidance and the necessary support to thrive in the mining sector.

MV Consulting

We improve day by day to achieve the objectives and goals of our clients, based on our core values as a guide in our work.


We provide training and education services in engineering, utilizing modern equipment and updated technologies, offering high-quality courses for students and professionals. We offer training with specialized software focused on practical application and personalized learning in areas such as sampling, geostatistics, economic evaluation, mining design and planning, as well as business intelligence applied to the mining sector.

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